Diamondstar Dogs

From our hearts to your homes 

Miniature and Tweenie Size Dachshunds
& French Bulldogs

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Diamondstar Dogs Dachshunds and French Bulldogs
We are located in Michigan's thumb area
Our dogs are our family!
We raise our charming Doxies 
and an occasional litter of French Bulldogs.
We have both Mini and Tweenie size dachshunds. 
Our little low rider dogs are our babies to snuggle and love.
They bring us such joy with their "cuteness" factor,
silly ways and lots of kisses!
You are truly blessed when you are loved by a Doxies!
Frenchies are our little clowns and such people pleasers! 
They want their share of cuddling too!

We take pride in our quality of dogs and our small,
in home breeding program.

We offer doxies in several colors and patterns including:
Black and Chocolate and tan
Silver and Chocolate dapples
Piebalds (white with color areas)
Isabella and Blues


Doxies are fun loving and loyal little companions!


Here at Diamondstar Dogs we strive to breed for sound minds and bodies, dogs that are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  Our dogs live with us and our puppies are raised up in our homes with all the TLC they can get from their mom's and us from Day 1!  Our dogs are all healthy, clean and well cared for which makes for healthy, well adjusted babies!

Our dogs are a true Blessing to us. Our goal is to share that blessing with others by producing pups that will be happy, healthy stable family members. 
We have been breeding on a small in home scale 30+ yrs now.

We are not a large kennel, we do not have puppies all of the time. 
We will NOT knowingly sell to pet stores, puppy mills or puppy brokers,  as we want all of our puppies to go to loving homes where they can be part of a family first and foremost.


Most pups are spoken for from our facebook page. 


Diamondstar Dogs Dachshunds and French Bulldogs

However if need be we use these to sites.


AKC & CKC Mini Miniature Dachshunds puppies for sale ~ Doxies~Daxies~Dachie~Weiner dogs ~ Michigan~

2019 Doxie Litters Expected
All Short Coats
Variety of Colors
No Frenchie litters expected at this time

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Diamondstar Dachshunds and French Bulldogs



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